The big cover-up

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Today we went to the pool with several of our other virtual school friends. It is always a struggle for me when it comes time to pick my swimsuit for these types of functions. I am still a hot teenager in my head. You know…the girl that turns heads and all the guys are looking at. Then there is reality. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and somehow I am looking at my mother’s body with my head sitting on it. So today it happened; I traded my itsy bitsy tiny weenie bikini for a skirted tankini. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I want guys to check me out. I just don’t want to be that old lady…the one that when you are younger you laugh at for wearing her swim dress. Today I was that lady.

I must admit that the entire experience was extremely refreshing. I could sit in any chair in just about any position and was completely covered. I didn’t find myself worrying about being dressed modestly enough, or that my son would rip my top off (again) in front of a crowd of strangers. I walked around without grabbing my towel to cover up and felt truly comfortable. For a moment I forgot that I was the old lady in the swim dress and felt pretty good about myself. I still don’t think I am ready to hang up the bikini for good. (The hubby likes the tan lines) Today has taught me that options are good, and that the old lady in the swim dress probably has a whole lot more fun than the girl covering up in her kini.

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