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I posted a bit about Mattie’s health in yesterday’s post. Several folks have asked about the rest of my crew… so, here we are.

Steve –  My wonderful  hubby. We have been married for almost 14 years.  Steve works in sales.  He enjoys spending time with our crew, reading, and baseball.

Shelly – Well.. I already posted all about me. Feel free to check out my post.

Alyssa –  is our resident choi kwang do girl.  She is 3/4 of the way to her second degree black belt.  Aly is 11 years old and going into the 6th grade this year. Whether it is reading or her piano playing Alyssa throws herself completly into the things she is passionate about.  She is the mother hen of our children, always prepared with a purse full of snacks and activities for all the other kids.

Mattie –  is the embodiment of joy. She can walk into a room of strangers and come out with 5 best friends. She has been playing piano for3 years and continues to amaze us.  Mattie is 9 years old and going into the 4th grade.  She is the daredevil in our crew, and lives to scare the heck out of her parents.

James – is all in! He is 100% whatever he is into or doing (this includes meltdowns). I have never seen a history buff at the ripe old age of 7.  James is also a piano player…. We are working hard to get him to learn the notes and stop just playing by ear. He is talented and stubborn. James is 7 and going into 2nd grade. If you ask him he is in 2nd and 3rd. He skipped a year of math and wants to be sure everyone knows it.

Chloe and Maggie – a.k.a. Rat and Fat… Chloe is a 5 year old papillon. She is a great lap dog, but can also drive you crazy. Maggie is a 9 year old pom/schipperke mix. Maggie has congestive heart failure and isn’t very active anymore. She perks up with any chance of getting a snack off the table.

The Rats.. Fern, Ivy, Daisy, and Lilly – Yes, I said rats.. Not the most common pets, but we love them.

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