The “S” Word

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okay… so my rock recently got chipped.

Today James was playing around singing nonsense words (trying to merge the words shush and quiet) and belted out sh*t at the top of his lungs.  Completely caught off guard, I reacted poorly. It isn’t like I broke out laughing….but all it took was him seeing me trying not to crack a smile. This immediately signaled to him that this was a word that should be used regularly and was probably a no no.  I explained to him that this was one of the dreaded cuss words and advised him not to use it.

When Steve got home and we sat down to dinner the topic was brought up again. James wanted to know what the word meant and asked Steve to explain.  We told him it basically meant poop. He followed that up with “Chloe went out back and took a sh*t”.  Heaven help me.. He even used it in the  proper context. Then he asked us to tell him what all of the other cuss words meant. (if the first one you learn is a potty word, they must all be good, right?) We told him it was a topic for some other time. He assured us he didn’t want us to tell him any of the words, just what they all meant. Steve deflected the question and gave the kids a lesson on the origin of words.

The girls had no idea what the word was, or what it meant. Leave it to a 7 year old boy to figure out what an 11, and 9 year old girl had never heard, even with a few years of public school.



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